Letting Go

Have you ever wondered why things in your life aren’t what you want? Do you feel stuck? Are you feeling powerless? THESE ARE ALL CHOICES! I had to have a quick reality check with myself the other day, because I absolutely preach how to overcome this stuff to others; but am I really taking care of me and allowing my spirit and happiness to shine through? (Practice what you preach; ya know what I’m sayin’).

I LOVE listening to Louise Hay’s meditations and 101 power thoughts for life. She often talks about how our life is a mirror, and it is so true. What are your perceptions of your world and the people in it? “The people I love, reflect the loving aspects of myself. The people I dislike, reflect those parts of myself that need healing” (Louise Hay). It is easy to read that statement and immediately go to the judgment of ourselves; ‘I don’t like _____ because they are rude and selfish, so that must mean I’m rude and selfish.’ Don’t do that to yourself! The most important part of this is to release the judgment of others and ESPECIALLY of yourself! Have you ever noticed that the more you focus on and talk about how much you, for example, don’t get along with someone, that you continue to not get along with them? What if instead you thought ‘____ and I have a mutually respectful relationship. I allow them to be them, and I am happy being me.’

This past week I have found myself feeling really not like my normal self, super blame-filled and searching for what external things or people needed to change in order for me to feel better; this is exactly the opposite of what I try to relay to others! Our life is a mirror; it is my job to fill my life with things that I enjoy doing and thoughts that I enjoy thinking! Everything I’m experiencing externally is really something that is going on WITHIN me. Once I sat back, realized this, and let go of what it was I was feeling about me, I was able to move forward and release the need to think that anything external needed to change. What a powerful release of peace and love! All it takes is going within, noticing what beliefs you have about yourself that you need to re-adjust, and Let. It. Go.

Every thought you think is creating your reality. The Universe is always listening and responding to the vibration and thoughts you are giving out – why would you create anything but your perfect world. YOU have the power!

After meditating on this for a bit, I’ve come up with a list of how to begin changing the mirror of your life (these are in no particular order – they are all equally important) 🙂

  1. Say ‘Thank You’ every morning when you wake up – either to yourself, your bed for being super comfy, your cute apartment…(you get the jist). Showing gratitude is so important.
  1. Notice what thoughts you are thinking all day long – if they aren’t positive, say STOP to yourself and think of something nice! A trick I’ve used in the past is putting a rubber band on my wrist and snapping it lightly anytime I think a thought that isn’t positive.
  1. Engage in conversations and surround yourself with people who RAISE your vibration and you enjoy being in the company of.
  1. Practice saying affirmations that start with “I am…”. Say these statements and believe them as if you already have them in your life.
  1. Create a vision board! Let your creative juices flow and have fun with it! What do you SERIOUSLY want in your life? You can have it all.
  1. Practice gratitude; what you give out comes back to you multiplied.
  1. UN-PLUG: Turn off the Netflix, put your phone away for a few hours, log-off Facebook, turn off the iPad, and get rid of distractions. Allow your mind the peace of experiencing things as they are without interruption.
  1. Take time for yourself! All of us are different; some introverted, extroverted, and everywhere in between. Regardless of where you fall on this spectrum; it is so important for us all to take time and connect with ourselves. Do the hard work out, color, start a new hobby that brings you joy. Doing 15 minutes of meditation every day can make SUCH a change in your life; trust me 🙂
  1. Live in the moment! This is one that has been hard for me sometimes. After dating Ben for 2.5 years I have learned through him how much fun you can have in life by just taking it minute by minute, nothing more! You da best, thanks love 🙂 Quit the worrying, fears and doubts. What’s going on in your world right this second? CHOOSE to make it happy and filled with love.
  1. Love yourself. This is the #1 most important thing (must mean it needs its own blog post after this one :)) If you love yourself, release self-judgment, and accept yourself fully as a perfect spiritual being, you will always feel safe and happy.


What do you do to Let Go? Do you like what you see reflected in your life mirror? We are all unique spiritual beings that are connected at a Universal level; I would love to hear what YOU do for YOU! Much love to you all.


**image via Google by http://thefreshexchange.com/monday-words-just-let-go/**

4 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. Claire your posts nearly bring me to tears every time I read them. The way you write is so powerful and the topics even more so. I feel like being in your 20’s can be such a difficult time in your life, you can feel as if you’re almost in limbo. Some friends are getting engaged and starting their big girl jobs while others are still out enjoying a rowdy Saturday night and sometimes you feel like you need to fit into one of these molds, when in reality, where you are right now is just where you are supposed to be. Live your life based on your own timeline, no one else’s. That’s a tricky thing to remember but can bring so much relief in this anxiety filled world. Don’t take life too seriously, no one gets out alive 🙂 I look forward to your posts and please know they’re helping more people than you think. Proud to call you one of my best friends.

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    1. Thank you, Hannah!!! Very true 🙂 Accepting ourselves can be the hardest thing sometimes – but what a relief to realize that you have the power in your own life!! You are so sweet, thank you for reading and for the support!! XO


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