Go For The Adventure

Hiiiiiiii! I can’t believe I’ve let 7 MONTHS go by without writing. A LOT has happened in the past seven months : 

In February, I married the best man I know. It was our favorite day ever surrounded by everyone we love. 

Three days after our wedding, we spent a week in Jamaica soaking in the sun, meeting amazing people from around the world + feeling extra grateful for life. 

In March, we started our house search with our wonderful realtor. We are extremely grateful for her patience and dedicated work; as we are still on the search for our first home to this day. 

In May, we officially decided to not re-sign our apartment lease and are now technically ‘homeless’ as of August 26th (shout-out mom + dad for taking us in)

In June, I made a huge life change of leaving my family business to work for WeWork, and I am loving my new job. 

It is now Saturday, July 20th. It is the FIRST Saturday this summer where Ben and I have absolutely nothing planned. We are relaxing on the couch with coffee, (OH YEAH, I love coffee now) a movie on, Royce at our feet, and it is raining outside. I’m feeling motivated to write because the transformation of the past seven months has been amazing.

I have been BUSY. SO BUSY that I have let slide some of my usual routines such as working out every day, cooking healthy meals at home rather than buying them pre-made, calling friends weekly, and writing on this platform, to name a few. While of course these are all very important facets of life to me, I have come to a realization. A big lesson that I’ve learned (and what I’m trying to portray in this messy-worded post) is that judging yourself for not doing what you’re ‘supposed’ to be doing will never help you, your mindset is the most important thing, and real friendships are filled with mutual love + will always be there even if you can’t call them every week. It’s OK if you change and evolve and stray from your ‘regular’ sometimes. In the past I would really work myself up about not being ‘good enough this’ or ‘good enough that’. A constant that has remained, and always will, is my belief that whatever you focus your mind on, you will create in your life. 

Although Ben and I are still on the house search and will be living in a bit of transformation for the next (who knows how many) months, we are growing, changing, and living more happily together than ever before. We are focusing on adventure, love, only what we do want, and following the signs from the Universe we receive every day. We are constantly encouraging each other to go for the scary changes in life, and it is the most fun I’ve ever had. 

So…CHEERS, friends! Cheers to adventure, mindfulness, living with a heart full of gratitude, and never letting our fears stop us from taking life where we want it to go.




**Photo is from my trip to Aspen visiting my sister last October – my parents, Ben and I are road-tripping out there together this August and I can’t wait to be back. 


I woke up this morning SO inspired to write….DANG! It’s been a while you guys.

I’ve been thinking a lot about who I’ve been; the different stages and people in my life who have seen all different phases of my evolving. I always find it so interesting when I think about people who knew me really well at a certain time in my journey, and may have a specific view or opinion of ‘who I am’. I’ve had the insecure phase, people-pleasing phase, comparative phase, sick phase, judgmental phase, “idgaf” phase, angry phase…you name it, and I’ve likely had a period of my life where that was my reality. As an example of  a not-so-good phase : I remember one specific time where I had a legitimate blowout fight [out loud in front of another person] with my boyfriend…a side of myself I didn’t know existed nor had ever seen. There were some MAJOR internal issues I had to face and conquer to clear out the root issue of what I was dealing with (and move forward as a more loving, level-headed person).

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being a F R I E N D

We all have had a friend at some point in our lives. A friend who you love being around; only like being around sometimes; someone who has hurt your feelings or someone whose feelings you may have hurt. A friend can be our parents, our spouse, our siblings, our peers, our pets…it can be whoever you’d like. It’s easy for us to see and feel what it is about our friends that we either cherish or despise – but what kind of friend are YOU?

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YOU GUYS….so I did a thing last work week. Well, actually, I started it Tuesday (almost the whole work week, right?) Anyways, I didn’t allow myself to check Facebook, Instagram or any other app I am in the habit of ‘scrolling’ through all day while at work and LET ME TELL YOU…….it mattered.

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I feel safest when I am able to be goofy. To be real. To have deep conversations about life/love/energy/manifestations + also conversations about pizza and what my dog did today….to grind my teeth because someone is so cute; to just genuinely be me. I don’t need excess amounts of things or people. I feel safest when I can FEEL the genuine-ness of someone; no comparisons, no judgments. I feel safe allowing me to embody more and more of my inner child.

There have been times (lots actually) where I feel I have hidden who I really am for fear of rejection or judgment; where I have not felt safe being myself. At parties, in classes, with friends, really anywhere. I would come home after a time where I wasn’t being myself, feeling so off, and wonder “why the heck didn’t I just act how I felt, or crack the jokes I wanted, or shut up and not engage in that certain conversation”. The only answer, is FEAR. Fear of not being enough THIS or enough THAT or too much THIS or too much THAT. (OK you get the picture). Fear of not being safe being me.

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JUDGE – y,ing,ment

I will never forget the mass amount of judgment I felt when I returned to school after being sick and my face and skin looked completely different. I felt judged, and I was judging others for judging me. In my opinion, ‘judgment’ is the most detrimental state of being we can embody. We are all human, we have all done it; but, have you ever taken the time to stop and wonder why?

For a short time being, judging someone else may make us feel better. It might feel good to think ‘Wow, they look so goofy/embarrassing when they act like that’; ‘I’m so glad I’m not like that’. For a split second this judgment may feel good – because this person is making a fool of themselves, or isn’t cool & I am…..????????????. (Insert confused emoji)

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A friend and I were talking about life last week (in the pool, third glass of champagne in hand), and I stated that I believe I am a confrontational person. The more I got to thinking about it and repeating it over and over in my head, I couldn’t help but to start to think that the word ‘confrontation’ has such a negative vibe to it. I looked up the meaning of this adjective today. The actual dictionary definition of the word is; a hostile or argumentative meeting or situation between opposing parties. “Confrontation.” Merriam-Webster. https://www.merriam-webster.com/confrontation. (June 3, 2018). No wonder I started to feel super YUCK that I used that word to describe myself (sorry, Claire – let’s only use words we know the FOR SURE definition from now on).

I believe that a better word to describe the way I try to live my life is ‘Up-Front’.

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Hiiii guys!! I have been completely missing in action for the past, ehhh 2 MONTHS?! My gosh, whoops!

For those of you who don’t know, a LOT has changed with me during this absence. First, I was selected to represent Wanderlust as a Wayfarer – I am SO grateful for the Universe for bringing this opportunity into my life. If you have questions about that please, please reach out to me! Secondly, I got ENGAGED to the most amazing, humble, handsome, smart, adventurous, etc. etc. man on this earth on December 1st! & with this engagement came our new baby (puppy not human), Royce! He is a golden retriever and I am obsessed with him.

SO, my life was completely shaken up (in the best way!) and I did NOT make the time to write! Ugh I missed it so much – writing is a huge release for me; I am happy to be back and inspired to pick up my pen this morning 🙂

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Loving Unconditionally

Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love (noun) : affection with no limits or conditions; complete love. unconditional love. (n.d.). Dictionary.com’s 21st Century Lexicon. Retrieved December 20, 2017 from Dictionary.com website http://www.dictionary.com/browse/unconditional-love

How many people in your life can you genuinely say you unconditionally love? How many unconditionally love you back? Maybe you’re not sure if you have even experienced unconditional love before…

Well, we can’t MAKE anyone else unconditionally love us, that wouldn’t be very unconditionally loving 😉 What we can do is make the decision to love others without conditions.

Claire’s Steps to become more unconditionally loving:

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